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Clan War : UU-S 3 - 0 GvTs


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We are proud to take our first clan war win against French clan GvTs. CW was 4v4 and we played on three maps which were Nuketown, Summit and Firing Range.
It was like Turkey vs France as UU-S played with turkish players and GvTs played with french players
UU-S' CW Squad
Destroyer - Turkey
Ottoman - Turkey
Tolga - Turkey
Tommy -  Turkey
GvTs' CW Squad
Alex - France
Dark - France
Doofy - France
iReaZz - France
Yoyo - France
Scores on maps
Nuketown -->       UU-S 8 - 0 GvTs [First round] [Second round]


Summit -->           UU-S 8 - 3 GvTs [First round] [Second round]


Firing Range -->  UU-S 8 - 2 GvTs [First round] [Second round]


Bonus screen : 


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