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Moderator Aplications

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In-Game Name (ex. Classixz or [uU]Classixz):


Your Steam profile link :http://steamcommunity.com/home

My XUID : 110000107e9af10


Why do I want to become a moderator on UU servers ? :Cause i always see people rage quitting and i think its not fair that they dont get banned at that time.


Do i have a mic ? :Yes i have a mic but i perfer not to because it maked an irritating sound.


Where am i from ? :South Carolina.


How old am I ? :I am 13.


What's server ? :EU because it needs some admins and i see rage quitting every now and then.


Notes : I am zombie slayer some of you guys know me, I am a very big noob, and would love to be a moderator on your server. I enjoy ZAM, all the admins, and i heart Classixz and ViiRus.


PS :I heart Classixz.


EDIT : I am agree with : Staff rules http://undeaduprisin...lication-rules/
ZAM rules http://undeaduprisin...0-rules-of-zam/
UU rules http://undeaduprisin...forum/32-rules/

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Ok then, I'll begin; first off you're in the wrong section, that is liveable and able to cope with (in my books) second, you should be mod on the server you play most on granted the fact that this would switch if you were to get mod for EU. Now let's get down an dirty, you are 13, and as most 13 year olds do they are a little bit tedious and full of attituded which is normal, but it is not normal to call people noobs or hackers when you die or just RQ, which you have done. Now I AM NOT SAYING YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET MOD. But listen to the wise words of your beloved admin iamindy33. And I'll re-phrase this admins words in a poetic rhythm known as a haiku.

You will never get

Moderator if your first

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