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The online bookselling giant recently announced that, for some titles, the company will allow consumers to buy, at a discount, an e-book edition of a book that they are buying in print. (Readers who already own these titles in print will also qualify for discounted e-book versions.) According to Amazon, the highest price print purchasers would pay for the add-on e-book edition would be $2.99. Some electronic versions would be available for free. Thousands of books qualify for the program, says the company.鈥淏undling print and digital has been one nfl jerseys site map of the most requested features from customers,鈥?Amazon wrote in its . 鈥淲ith Kindle MatchBook, they can keep their favorite book on their shelf, and have a copy in their digital library for reading.鈥滽indle MatchBook is scheduled to begin this October. writer Jeff Bercovici says the new program fulfills a pressing need.鈥淚f there鈥檚 one complaint that users of Amazon鈥檚 have been voicing pretty much since day one, it鈥檚 that there ought to be a way to purchase the print and digital versions of a book together, at a discount,鈥?he wrote.Author Marcus Sakey, who is one of http://www.latestsportsjerseys.com/ the writers whose books will be part of the new program, said he 鈥渓ove this idea.鈥濃€淚t鈥檚 simple, brilliant, and good for everybody,鈥?Sakey said in Amazon鈥檚 press release. 鈥淭here are plenty of titles I鈥檇 like both ways. It鈥檚 ridiculous to ask readers to pay full retail twice for the same book.鈥滱uthor David Meerman Scott penned a column for the in which he declared that he 鈥渓ove this even though it will cost me money in the short term.鈥?nbsp;鈥淚've gotten dozens of emails from the readers of my books who want to have both print and digital of the same title,鈥?Scott wrote. 鈥淭hey tell me they own the print version and ask if there is anything I can do to get a free digital version for them.... I suspect many authors will complain because the think an approach like this will take money out of their pockets because people willing to pay full Amazon price for both a Kindle edition and a print edition will now pay less.... The benefits of happy readers exposed to your books who might by your next one far outweighs the downside financial aspects.鈥滺owever, writer Salvador Rodriguez says the 鈥渟ervice isn鈥檛 [a] money-saver for e-book buyers.鈥?nbsp;鈥淢atchBook may be a good option for readers who use e-books but also like having a physical version of the books they read on their shelves,鈥?he wrote. 鈥淏ut for customers who simply want to save money, buying e-books individually is still a better choice. The biggest reason is because e-books sold on Amazon.com are already pretty cheap.... value seekers should probably steer clear.鈥滱nd there鈥檚 an important group that has yet to fully come on board: the publishing community. According to the , only HarperCollins has agreed to participate in MatchBook so far. (The said 鈥渁 couple of major publishers鈥?have agreed to be part of the MatchBook program but that vice president of Kindle Content Russ Grandinetti was latest sports jerseys only willing to name HarperCollins in an interview.) Amazon Publishing titles will, of course, also be available as well as works released through Amazon鈥檚 Kindle Direct Publishing.In the NYT interview, Grandinetti said Amazon hadn鈥檛 mentioned the idea to many publishers yet and still hopes to bring more on board.

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