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Indy introduction (late)


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Hi UU my name is I LOVE INDY online and Lui Brosnen in real life. I love ZEM and ZAM a lot like everyone does on black ops :D. I live in Sydney Australia so 999 ping, I don't ride a kangaroo like most of my friends #swag . I got attacked by a drop bear as a child. And I'm sortove a nerd at school as people think I'm smarter than I am. My family is 25% MEXICAN 25% Chinese and 50% white. I play rugby if any Americans don't know what it is it's NFL but without protection. I love to build crap like desks and stuff infact I writing this on a desk I made. I have few friends in real if but I do have a girlfriend name alexa who I spend most of my time with. At school no one hates me infact most people like me but I don't really think their friends soo. Currently at school I study history modern and ancient and I love ww2 the most thats how I started play cod (cod 1-2) witch lead me to this. The first game of ZAM I ever played was very funny and nooby. The first person I knew on ZAM was lycos and he is still my best friend on steam. I love listening to anything that's NOT DUBSTEP or Rock. Thanks for reading my introduction hope you now know more about me bye

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