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Black ops 2 STAFFS


Hopefully if this post gets lots of feedback we can make something out of this idea as in put them in zam. Each staff would have their own little perk such as the windstaff that is the first picture. For the windstaff it should have a knockback effect on zombies or something to get of out a 7v1 situation.


This fire staff would shoot in a mortar way setting off 3 explosions maybe in a triangle formation?


Im not sure if we would need this? How about just maybe changing the wunderwaff skin and replacing it with some some nice reload animation but adding power to the weapon. If in the range of the electric shot maybe taking down their stamina giving them maybe the concussion effect?

If you want to know about the last staff,ice, post some comments of what effects it should have.

Kevyyy helped me come up with most of the effects and power of these staffs if you like the idea and have an idea of what else they can have leave reply.


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