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Heya guys ,


What all you thinking of that idea :


cause were a huge/big community maybe we should add 2 new maps designed by classix/griggz 

or by UU-K /UU-S Members. So if we got than the 2 new maps we add them into the eu/us servers, and make 1 round only on knifing map  (no other weapons) for the UU-K members. And one round only Snipers map for sniping action for the UU-S members. Here an example UUK map first who got 35 knife kills is the winner and the map ends / same with snipers. ofc all others maps we keeping them and the other 2 should add randomly into mapchange. What you think about that?


A little gift for our UUK and UUS members :) 

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Uhhm good question virus ill think a price would be nice but only for the next Map like you start with 500 pts or he gets a special weapon (for the next map game) that  no one have includes admins or mods (maybe a railgun/minigun at start) or any other..)^^  :) and ofc a leatherboard with top scorer of the week would be great ( that every weeks get updated) 

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well Class Tkem would be a great mod and funny ok :) but ill think its would be great if its possible to make some 2 new maps with sniper/knifers only for 1 round and than back to old mod. But its not my decision its just an idea and i hope alot guys thinking the same as me :) 

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