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Idea for Level in ZAM 1.6


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Hi guys It's Peanut here!


So I am here today with the new IDEA for ZAM 1.6 when i asked AghChew About level in ZAM he said level it's nothing here. Maybe Level will be something! I just thinked about like a menu,like when we are chosing a class So maybe we can have another menu for Guns chosing like EXAPLE:I have level 27


UZI:Click here to choose the gun


MP5K:Click here to choose the gun.


MPL: Leve 34 needed!!!


                  Maybe something like that? Thats it My Idea finnishs here hope i give nice IDEA bye.

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The question most of us are still wondering is, if Classixz will add the ranking system, or will not add the ranking system. If he decides to add the ranking system, then this idea may work. If he decides not to add the ranking system, then there would be no point in making this topic/idea. I am going to stay (remain) neutral on this idea until I see what Classixz himself decides what he will do.

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it's added, and I'd also go back to echos token system to unlock things

Well, it is technically added, but it's not fully processed into the mod yet. What I mean by "not fully processed into the mod" is, not everybody starts at level 1, it's just randomized. Like sometimes for me as an admin, there will be games where I am a level 40, level 30, or a level 1. It's different for everybody else.

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