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Idea for ZAM 1.6


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Hi guys It's Peanut here.


I am here today with another maybe cool Idea for ZAM! I just saw classixz's video on youtube (the link: 

) So there I saw Pack-A-Punched guns that Classixz have. I asked @AghChew, @ViiRuS_iQuicKZ How to get Pack-A-Punched guns in ZAM they said Only Classixz and Griggzor get them! More they said about: You can be Lucky on Array map! when you get all gems teleport by portal and there will be to Pack-A-Punched guns: G36c,AN94, So I just thinked about maybe we can Pack-A-Punch them in the store! Example:



POINTS:5,000                                                                     1.Weapons                                                                                               


                                                                                            2.Special Items 




                                                                                            4.Class Shop


                                                                                            5.Pack-A-Puch 5000 

I saw somethere in other mods the Pack-A-Punch

Machine but I think we dont need it! Reason: It's not really comfortable to run for it

Hard to make the texture look like from Real BO Zombies, 

My Idea finnish here Hope I helped some how!


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Don't worry @ if my IDEA will come alive you will have Pack-A-Punch guns.


So Classixz I just thinked about a camo for Pack-A-Punched guns and I think the Party Rocking or Art of War from BO2 will be just perfect I hear that those camos where added in ZAM 1.4 so Classixz what do you think about the camos maybe you have some camo to tell me?



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But guys this is Pack-A-Punching!!!!

Look Imagen if it cost like 2,650 because Pack-A-Punching making gun better a lot like let's add Pack-A-Punched gun +250 damage so EXAMPLE IS SAID EXAMPLE: If MPL have +45 damage so 600 HP vs 295 damage=Fast kills so I hope 2,650 it's ok for everyone Maybe you can write your price But not less then 1,500

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