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Idea for ZAM


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Close it, it's a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to exist.

Alright this is enough!!!

First you ADV ZEM and now giving a stupid idea?

Stop it now! it's useless and stupid to it...

ZAM was excisted before ZEM

And how do you except to see people on ZEM if everything you trying to do is take down ZAM!

You started this war and you will deal with it!



Thanks for reading this...


Yuvalpre #TeamZAM

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Ok HOLY SHIT. This little Fuck better be ready to fight because I WILL look for you, I WILL FIND you, and I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!

Dude just go back to your mother's basement and blow yourself. One thing @ take this FUCKERS REPUTATION DOWN! 

I mean his rep is 86 how is this little shit have such a huge ASS REPUATATION. GOD IT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. :angry:

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