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For all the hate towards the ZEM Community


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I do not respect, or thank the immaturity comming from the ZAM community, (It was not ment as a crude remark.) However I do understand the bullshit move Gamer pulled, there is no need to hate on ZEM. Zem/Zam, both. Are great mods. (Zam being a dupe of Zem, but eh. It's whatever. It's still a pretty good mod.) I would just like to say to both UU, and Unity need to grow up. I mean seriously, this has gone far enough, and I'm sure the players of both communites are tired of this shit aswell. So I would like to ask, nicely. Grow up, stop acting like children, and get on with life. (If you have one.) ----------------End of discussion.


-- Yours truely, Warhawk

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You have a permanent ban for advertising, you should have that on the website as well.

I understand that, but my advertising was out of pure anger. (I was mad at a couple people from UU). I do not purposely try to solicite ZEM, nor' try to steal any of ZAM's players.

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Geez the result was already obvious from the start :rolleyes: 

Both UNity and Undead are not pleased with what gamerdog did, hell I didnt even knew he ddosed your site but I did know he was angry at u guys.

But lets stop the massive tbagging on him? Or does everyone has to keep going for 2weeks longs about Gamerdog his actions and keep spamming the forums with the same answers?

Cyber Bullying is a very painfull process for the victim and I've seen a classmate totally get fucked up by it....and trust me afterwards u feel like total shit if u had anything to do with it.

I'm not saying to forgive him but what I want to say is stop the massive cancer and die in hell posts. If u aint satisfied by somebody his actions sure comment on it but do it a a decent way ;/ like seriously its easy to go all on one but I find it quite childish by now...

Enough is enough this is maybe also the reason why both zem and zam dont succeed to grow anymore since the community is just one big oldschoolplayers collection which started playing the game at the age of 13,14,15 and some exceptions who actually bought the game WHEN THEY WERE OFFICIALLY ALLOWED TO at the age of 16.

There is a reason why this game has a age restriction since some ppl dont get mature that fast after all. 

Anyway lets keep the comments a bit more clean cant we? Be the bigger man :D


And Indy....GAWD STAPH IT <_<

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