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war (stop with this shit)


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UndeadUprising/I has never advertised anything where it does not belong.

If you claim this to be untrue, please provide me names of those clan members and something to proof this. (PM me.)


Here is links to the threads that has been posted: 





To make things clear for you and anyone else:

UndeadUprising has not started any war, One Unity member decide to come over to our forums and advertise.

Everyone already know what we think of advertisers, and by that I decide to close all my connections to Unity.

I can not control what my members are doing, and there is a vote over at Unity's website that clearly 16 people wanted a war agains UndeadUprising. When you don't know the full story, don't bother trying to get something end.



You're right @Method Man

I will close all threads about this now, I think everyone has said what they wanted to and it's nothing more to discuss.



Anything more about this will just get deleted, you can PM me the info that I want, if not then don't come here and say things that you can not provide.

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