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[1.7] Cade limb



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  1. 1. How do you want the cadelimb?

    • Keep it like it is, L-cading is not hard c:
    • Add the one we had with 1-4 maximum hits. (1.6 start had it)
    • Add a radius based Limb that will not allow old cadelimb at close to level < 15
    • Close to players = New cadelimb | Far away = Old cadelimb
    • me no understand anything about this
    • Change the price, post suggestions. Respawn credits can also be used to purchase maybe?

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I do like iamindy's idea, but I personally voted "Add the one we had with 1-4 maximum hits." The reason why I voted for that one is because I personally like it better than the "cade limb glitch" that destroys all the cades in a matter of seconds. If we do indy's idea, then we might have to change the cade limb's radius so then no one would be able to do the cade limb glitch ever again.

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