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ZAM Server Admin apply.


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Hi it's me again just want to show you my application.


In game name: Peanut


My real name: Vladimir Koshenko


Country: United States (Borned in Russia)


My BO XUID: 110000104900218


My Birth Date: 1999-12-18= 14 years old.


My Information: My name is Peanut I really like this mod and want to be a part of it like @AghChew @ViiRuS_iQuicKZ or even @xStoner420x! I know the rules of ZAM and I learnd a lot about admins and the mod so maybe someone knows me diffrent way but I want to tell you that I will change a lot I will be like a real admin. And I want to help people, and ban cheaters that hacking or "Rage Quiting" I really enjoy the mod playing but when I see the new players joining ZAM some other players call them: SUCKER! Loser! NOOB! And I want to help people like that guy who didn' knew the rules when he quited because he got sad that everyone call him noob so and I learn the commands! (Not all the commands) 

The Commands I know:



!hardcore on (off)

!map mp_the name of the map

!lookup player

!tb @000 3d rq

!k player blocking


And a lot of more commands that I think I know but not sure.... So guys thank yoh for reading my application and please remember that I will change my self a lot.


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No :<. Sorry. But let me elaborate more, the whole "new account" thing was it's own issue but; whenever I am playing all you seem to ask me is "what does a UU member get in the game?" Or "show me exactly the UU-S" class it always seems to be what you get instead of the concern for the well being of the community

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Just a heads up, if you want to apply for something, use the proper format for it, otherwise your application will not even be looked at. Also, I have been playing this mod for a long time, and have never seen you on either server. And this isn't even in the right section. Lastly, it's best to use proper grammar when applying for something. That's all I have to say about this.

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Ruski knowing inglando... tempting, but neh if dat matters anywayz.

Also Vladimir.... Vladimir... Putin... nah, totally not a coincidence or anything... I believe you don't cut off your neighbors gas in the name of Mother Russia?


I agree, although i have no idea what you're talking about, Braby liking this comment also probably is like ''menono''

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