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Forgive me Undead Uprising.


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My name Peanut.

I am sorry for everything.

I want to forget everythig.

And begin everything from the start I change everything and try my best to be good to UndeadUprising!

The people I am sorry to: ViiRuS_iQuicKZ Reason: I spaw him and never tell him thanks for eveything he did to me, AghChew Reason: I tell stupid things to him, Griggzor' Reason: I spawn him, Lie to him, Stlmokevin: Kevin look dude I am just sorry.


And everyone everyone else that playing ZAM I am sorry I change my account and be my steam name when you reaply to my message to be another person.


                 Everyone In ZAM hate you, Leave Peanut you bad, Ah this sucker here again. Peanut,


                       I just want to be forgiven and never see that again I'll try my best to be good

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Lel think on something before you do...

As frupiss said we know you and You cant Start from new if u only make a new acc(idk how to start from new:O)

Just give us a bit time play the mod and have fun!

Thats right yea. You are doing it for new start, ok o wish luck about it but again :) dont wait everyone will change their look to you, it take some time.
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Not that it's relavent to zam but back on ZEM (before all the hoopla and before ZAM) I used to be #1trollguy and I didn't have a lot of people who would enjoy me joining the game; I was one of those "squeakers who shouldn't have a mic", raging after Everytime I died, calling people a hacker if they killed me; I don't know who dragonballz is as in how annoying or why he is annoying, but I was hated as much as he was. What I'm getting at is that fix yourself and in no time people will not hate you :}

Just pack a bowl, light it up and chilllll

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