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As I posted in the shoutbox, I recently managed to download the mod tools for BO. I was surprised at the ease of use some of the features I've seen in mods actually is...such as a checkbox to make the weapon fire exploding bullets. It was uber-easy to make an FN FAL with a 5-round magazine, with no jamming, a lowered firecap, and absolutely no reload cancelling. Or a 4-round burst M16 with no recoil and double the damage. Or a bolt-action FAMAS.

Of course I can't actually test anything because my computer thinks the BO servers are down, but just having access to the game files was interesting. There were things there they I never knew - such as completely different firing mechanics for the Default Weapon, separate loading animations for the DP-28 and PTRS-41, two-round burst, that every weapon has a set "spin-up" time even though it's only represented on miniguns, etc.

So feel free to post shit about mods, modding, or just generally discuss hidden shit in the game files!

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It's painstakingly hard

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Make the M16:

>4 Round Burst, not 3 Round

>RoF of a G11

>40 round magazine

>No recoil (visual recoil remains identical, actual recoil is zero - think ACR from MW2)

>No reload cancelling ("time until rounds remaining" is the same as "time until reload animation finishes")

>Damage buff (80-40 instead of 40-30)

I followed the tutorial to the letter from Neoseeker, but I load up the mod and none of the changes happen. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

As a side note, if you launch BO from the mod tools instead of Steam it won't connect to the servers. Which, of course, means I can never run the mod in developer mode.

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