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Expanding UU-S to Multi-CoDs!


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Hello guys, after Classixz's confirmation about my head leading, I decided to create a fresh topic that will include important details of UU-S such as member list, clan war stats, recruitment status and requirements, future plans, expanding to other CODs, etc.



As most of you know, UU-S became a competitive sniping team a moth ago. In short time, we proudly nailed the 4th rank on Black Ops Sniping Clan Ranking which is accepted as official ranking group by community. However, with this success of UU-S on competitive side, we extremely highered our recuritment requirements up recently. Thus, making into UU-S for ZAM players became almost impossible since most of players that we try-outed weren't even close to bad level (Obviously, no kidding)... Therefore, we are currently not interested recruiting players from ZAM. Of course, we always give chances to players to improve theirselves by giving tips about how to become a well competitive sniper. What I mean by saying "competitive sniper" is, player that plays well by the defined rules in clan wars. Unfortunately, If you are a great hardscoper, you still are no use for us since hardscoping is forbidden in any war.



Let's talk about our future plans;


In short term, we are aiming to get in TOP 3 on our BO1 Division as how we succeded to get to TOP 5, which was our first goal, when we became a competitive team. Also, we should make our sniper server as much as popular we can. Most of good players decide to join clans with popular servers. So, we need UU Community's help on this.


In long term, we are planning to expand UU-S to a Multi-CoD sniping clan. Since MW2 Community is really dead, we aren't going to pay much attention to MW2 as how we will care about MW3. Luckily, MW3 Sniping Community is still alive, we can make ourselves known If we will be successful as on BO. This also means that, we are going to advertise UU with our successes. Who knows that we can pull bunch of players from MW to BO after they learnt that UU has the one of the most popular mods on CoD series. I guess this is one of ideas what Classixzz would like the most :)




From now, everyone's chances of getting into UU-S will be highered as we are going to be multi-cod sniper team. Another good thing is, requirements for both MW2 and MW3 won't be too high as BO. If you are thinking that you are good enough at Qsing at either one of those MW Series, just add me and I will try you out.



Remember, being skilled isn't the only matter that gets you in to UU-S. Your behaviour towards people is as important as being skilled player. :)

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Yeah. In JOIN US -> UU-S applicants, there should be choice on the actual application, let's say the 4th question will say ''Which game do you feel you're suitable the most''. Then you obviously get to choose from the cods you guys want. This seems like the best idea. Also when they have submitted the applications, they should separately go into different tabs for different games. This makes the job even easier.

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