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1000 posts!!


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You got that right, someone reached 1000 posts. Today is the day that I get 1000 posts on the website! I just feel very honored of how many things (stuff) I have typed on this website, and I am very fond (proud) of myself. I can remember the very first day I made (created) an account on his website (the very first day I created an account on here was May 30, 2013), and I knew that one day that I would get 1000 posts which I managed to get today.

To start off, I knew that ZAM was the mod to be at in the first place. I met so many people along the way who are either still playing ZAM today or stopped playing ZAM for some unfortunate reason(s). I started as a noob just like everybody else did (where I didn't know how to play the mod, but I taught myself how to play the mod and became successful), became a successful UU member, became a moderator (I had my ups and downs when I was a moderator), and then I became an admin which I still am one today.

I had my ups and downs throughout my course on ZAM, and I tried my best to improve. Like when I got my first headset, and started threatening people just because a couple of people from school were saying mean words to me or being a bully to me (I learned from them by mistake). Like when I was a moderator and kicked a survivor for no apparent and got banned for abusing my powers just because I wasn't thinking straight. But that was the past and here I am a admin who improved from his mistakes, and I am proud that I improved from my mistakes because I don't do or say stupid things today. There are some more lessons that I learned throughout my course on ZAM, but I personally think those 2 things I stated are 2 main things that I learned about, and improved on.

Now to the fun part:


I really enjoy playing/chatting with you, and I hope you feel the same way. Also, thank you for giving me another chance to become a moderator. I surely did learn my lesson back then and do my best to not get banned again.



You sir say funny stuff whenever I play with you and that's what I like about you. Sorry for abusing my powers, but I learned my lesson.



I enjoy playing with you, and chatting with you on TeamSpeak. I feel like you and I have a lot in common. I hope that we remain friends forever.



Even though I don't know you very well, I enjoy talking to you on TeamSpeak, and I hope we remain friends for a very long time.



You are really cool, I enjoy your singing, I enjoy playing with you, I enjoy talking shit about other people and I enjoy talking to you.



You are really cool, I enjoy your parody's as in your songs, I enjoy playing with you, and I enjoy chatting with you.



The first time I met you, I knew that you and I would be really good friends. I enjoy playing with you, I enjoy talking to you, and thanks for your tips.


Kill Order:

You sir are awesome, and I love it when you tell me to shut up.



I don't really know you that well, but you seem cool. I enjoy your videos, and thanks for accepting me into UU-K. You da real MVP.



I am glad that we are friends, and I just hope that our friendship never separates. You sir showed me more about ZAM that I didn't know about (such as easter eggs, new spots, how to cade, the classes and what each item does in each class). I enjoy playing with you, and talking to you.



It was really cool meeting you the very first time you connected on ZAM, and I knew that we would be friends some day. I still love messing around with you such as typing I love you on steam, and talking shit about you (mainly AghChew and I talk shit about you just because we love you).



Your accent is really cool and I wish that I had it. I enjoy playing with you, and chatting with you. 



I enjoy playing with you, and I enjoy talking to you.



I enjoy playing with you, and I also enjoy being UU-K buddies with you.



I don't really know you that well but you seem okay.



You seem cool to play with and to talk to. Thanks for letting me be apart of the UU-K team.


There are many more people I enjoy playing with, but I just felt like focusing on the UU members, admins, and some friends of mine who aren't in UU or an admin. There's my story. 1000 POSTS FTW!!!!!!!!!

Let's keep ZAM up for as long as it lives, and thank you all for supporting me as a community, and no problem to the rest of you that I support or love!

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