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ZEM' Crus: I wont get to sleep before 02:00

ZEM' Crus: Just cant sleep

De/MindBlast~: Lol ok?

ZEM' Crus: Then ill try ZAM out

ZEM' Crus: Tomorrow

ZEM' Crus: BUT I wont leave ZEM(the mod not clan)

De/MindBlast~: Lol You prolly will ZAM is addicting.

ZEM' Crus: Because ZEM is start of every Zombie mod

ZEM' Crus: X)

ZEM' Crus: I wontt

ZEM' Crus: Trust me

ZEM' Crus: I hope i even like ZAM now

ZEM' Crus: I didnt like it a bit

De/MindBlast~: Ummm Kinda... Have you been there 3 years ago

ZEM' Crus: Before

De/MindBlast~: I am pretty sure there were mods before it

ZEM' Crus: Uhm

ZEM' Crus: Mm :/

De/MindBlast~: Yep

De/MindBlast~: Jus to let the bomb *BOOOM*

De/MindBlast~: Apply Ice to the Burn

De/MindBlast~: cx

De/MindBlast~: xD

( then this happened WUT)


ZEM' Crus: Lul

ZEM' Crus: I just have coal here, no fire at all if ya talkin about my fire here

De/MindBlast~: lol wut?

(later that day)

ZEM' Crus: Where can i see what i get for vip?

De/MindBlast~: Www.uu.clanservers.com

ZEM' Crus: I dont want to be VUP(Very Unimportnant person) but i have to be , i can never but shit with paypal

ZEM' Crus: :/

De/MindBlast~: LOL

De/MindBlast~: cx

De/MindBlast~: Parents brah

De/MindBlast~: Wait do you have parents?

De/MindBlast~: Do I see BATMAN.?

ZEM' Crus: XD

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