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I'm back! Lancer or Kirito


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I'm back to playing ZAM again, some of you guys may know me from the past from about a year ago and I'm a HEAD ADMIN if you didn't know, Myxa is fag that's all I've got to say.

Welcome back Anonymous. I guess I gotta deal with you for another year or so. I remember you from the good old days, you seemed pretty cool to play with, and talk to. Hope to see you more often on the server(s), and website and have another fresh start with each other.


ow no dis guy is back...

Just be glad he is back.  :ph34r:


yes indeed myxa fag

MyXa is truly a feg in my opinion.

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Miss you too Ramsy you Fagsy <3

And thanks Viirus! Yeah, I'm usually only on weekends because there's like no one on school days and I'm busy with school activities, 

Anyways, thanks everyone for the welcome back and hope to see you in the game sometimes!
Loving the update, I don't really like the Mosin Nagant but I guess it's cool how it shoots out a grenade lol.

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