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Maybe some of his ideas could be displayed for Nuketown?



In the future if we get any weapons that display 0% sound, or their sound is messed up (or affected in any way).



Ideas that haven't been displayed on the mod yet and look cool or should be displayed on the mod? It's a very long forum, but there are bits and pieces you can take, and display them on the mod if they look cool? You guys decide on that one.



We should have more spots displayed on the mod. The ones we have currently are boring, or that everyone always camps at the same spot every round.



Maybe get more class ideas to be added to the mod in the future?



Maybe some of these camos added to the mod?



I just feel like every update we have, only the survivors get the cool stuff, and the zombies don't really get anything. Maybe grab some ideas from here?



Christmas is almost here.



Maybe some items from this topic?



If we want more weapons to be added to the mod? Which ones and Why?



Under this forum are some suggestions you guys can view if you want to.


Some links weren't cooperating but it is what it is. You can just Copy and Paste it. There's nothing hard about doing that.

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