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Firing Range Combined Effort


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I've been tinkering around on Firing Range with Aghchew, Karmuhh, and Ramsyy, and we've come up with 2-3 new spots. Hope you like them.


D4 (I created this one, with help from Aghchew, Karmuhh & Ramsyy. Polished up by Ramsyy)










B2 (Karmuhh created this one, polished by Ramsyy)





Ramsyy has the map codes if interested. 




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The 2 spots seem okay. If you guys combined, then who did all the work? I mean the host can do everything (like build the cades, delete the cades, and change their radius), while the rest of you can just build stuff but can't delete them which sucks.

But I agree with Dewsty, it will be annoying to us runners. It will be annoying to run through those obstacles, and then we die. Us runners need space, open spots, and to run around the map without any spots getting in our way(s), or else we die due to being blocked by Bunker cades.

I also agree with MyXa, it's so annoying that everyone goes to the same spot, and the same process is done like 24/7. New spots would be cool for ZAM because a lot of us hate camping at the same spots. But still the more spots we have, the less runners/knifers we would have on the mod due to there being so many bunker cades, and many spots in the mod.

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I don't like the first bunker, for me it seems a bit OP and bad to handle.  Also it block the run route, sorry Kevin but I don't like it.

How many players you need to hold this bunker ?


Adapt to a different route? Aren't "you knifers" supposed to be flexible? 

Everyone has his own favorite run route. I don't prefer running in the middle of the map so I run my own route. The bunker just block one big part of the map so you have to run at the other side and you can't run your circle.



Karmuhh's spot doesn't look bad, but you can also cade B2 perfectly at the doors. 

It's something new so we coud try it, but keep the normal B2 please.

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Runners can manage themselves. Would you guys still like to see this or not? Remember - each (or most) of the maps have 2 versions (the placement of the map-cades is different), so, one of the versions can have this, while the other one stays without it.


Think about it like this:

"Would I like to give these camping spots a shot? They could possibly be fun, especially with a friend or two."


Rather than like this:

"Meh, it blocks my running path, it'll mess me up."

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