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Perks, and Weapons

Fluffle Puff

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I was just thinking it might be cool if people could use real money and buy certain perks and weapons and then have them in game without having to spend points on them. Like Speedo for example, maybe make it cost 10$ or even 15$ (i'd still buy it at 15$ ;) ) And once it's bought it give's it to you automatically once you spawn. Same with the Bowie knife, make it like 20$ and then you never have to spend points to get it in game, you could even get crazy and make the ray gun 100$ and have that in game! >:D (i'd buy it) 




TL;DR  get certain perks and weapons with real money and never have to spend points on them in game.


It could ruin the game possibly or could make it really fun. What do you think? Is it a bad idea? 

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You can have a Custom Class in-game, but you gotta talk to Classixz first to negotiate (reach an agreement with him) for a Custom Class setup. I know 3-4 that have a Custom Class in-game. I think you pay your Custom Class monthly (I don't really know that much about Custom Classes), but I may be wrong.

What do you mean you have an option to put a scope on your rifle because you aren't MVP or are you?

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I am MVP. It's not a big deal, i'll just save the 500 points. I will do it knifing and running though cause I don't feel like getting those points whilst taking them from people trying to cade. ;)

Then I guess you might be referring to the Change Weapon Loadout Menu that you MVP players get. Because at first I didn't understand what you meant since I thought you weren't an MVP players but since you are one then I know what you mean. It isn't that hard to get 500 points. I suggest using the !ts command this way instead of getting 10 points per hit marker, you can get 15 points per hit marker, and 215 points for every knife kill you get. This way it will be easier to get speedo. Just a suggestion I thought you might need to hear. When I was an MVP, it wasn't really that hard to get speedo you just knife 3 zombies and get speedo, or shoot 5 zombies and get speedo. It was basic logic back then.

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