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New Year's Eve


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Hey guys,

I was thinking of changing the sky in ZAM if there is something special like New Years's Eve.

The red sky on Halloween was nice and I enjoyed it very much. So it would be more exciting with a new design for the sky on special events.



New Year's Eve: Add big fireworks (Maybe sound too). Let it stay than for ca. one week, because one day wouldn't be worth.



Maybe something like that, I am not very close how to add something like that in the sky, but it would look very nice.

I hope something like that is possible to add for ZAM mod.

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Would something like that even be possible to add to the mod? I'm not really sure since I'm not really the modding type of person.

Shouldn't we be focusing on Christmas first since Christmas comes before New Year's? Possibly.

Just wait for someone's official response (that is if they know these types of things or is an official modder). By modder I mean someone who can code stuff into their mod. I just wanted to specify what a modder if you didn't know what I mean. But if you do, then that means you are smart which is good, and I am glad you are.

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Would something like that even be possible to add to the mod?

It would. It's just a matter of changing the colour texture and adding FX (moving materials). Just like with the flying Napalm Strike planes and the meteorites that we had with the red sky on Halloween.

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Lol every1 already have MVP/VIP ^^

 Don't think so.

Also if you get something free don't tell me you don't take it, so the servers will be full 24/24 again, probably a Non-VIP will buy VIP or MVP after that and we will get more regular players (Not some1 who plays ZAM only on free VIP days.)

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im not the best person to be adding stuff to this but is it possible to put Christmas hats on manikin on nuketown, maybe an idea?



It's possible to add Christmas hats on the mod. It depends if Classixz has the time to do so.

We are probably going to add more stuff for Christmas and New Year's.

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