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Member Application (Apply Topic)


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Hello, and welcome to My [Member Application]


In-game name: TheBiG'KinGJake

BO XUID:110000104900218

Most Server Played: US

Where are you from: United States - New York City


Why do you want to join UndeadUprising:

Because I played the mod for a long time and get a bad reputation here, but I want to change myself and get up to the community some-how, I am trying to change my language to english to report RQers. I want to be the part of the community because I think that UU is the biggest BO1 Zombie Mod Community and be a part of it already mean something speacial for me. The Mod getting higher! Because Modification with BO2 guns of MW2 even something else can make people enteresting to play I will try to help the community and be a nice reporter=(guy*).


Tell as more about you: I'm the guy that enjoy ZAM and I am 14 years old and I'll be 15 years old when it's will be 18* Dec. So I want to be [uU Member]. I'll be pround for you nice replies.


                      Application By TheBiG'KinGJake

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You already got rejected by Classixz I believe. But what's the point in making another application when you're going to get the same answer just as last time?

I'm still going to say no to you and here's why:

I) You have multiple accounts on the website and like your own posts which isn't really mandatory at all.

II) A lot of us hate you for how you react on the website and in-game

III) The reports you made weren't really reverent.

IV) I doubt that you'll change your personality on UU, but good luck? No luck was needed.

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