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New Fourm Game.


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Hey all^^

I've been thinking of a new way to make the forums fun... I came up with a game. Basically there's been stupid threads for new UU divisions... So, for every letter of the alphabet you have to think of a new name. To stop confusion, if someone put UU-Amazing for example the next player would put UU-Brainy idk xD.


No Swearing

No Cussing

No Rudeness

No breaking the chain

No putting random shit

I'll start, UU-Animals, the rest of tou go now!

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What's the whole point of this. It seems boring because you never know who will say the next number on this topic unless you are that typical person that refreshes the website or topic to make sure you can get your special number or whatever.

Seriously though (I know, another streak ruined), this thread is just gonna be used to boost people's post counts. It's useless. I suggest locking it.

This seems similar to the 1-1000 counting topic we had like 7 months ago. As I was looking through there I found a few comments that were true and mandatory to revisit since you guys created/made this topic. -.-

I mean are you guys trying to just make a useless topic just to see how many posts you can display on here. In other words get more posts just to apply for something or what? Please don't hate but just think about it.

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