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UU-K v2.0.


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Plain and simple.

UU-K stays, but there will be some major changes to how it works.

1. UU-K is no longer tied to ZAM. It is strictly going to be consisted of truly professional knifers who want to help preserve the name and represent UU. Therefore, there will be NO MORE CUSTOM UU-K LOADOUT on the ZAM servers from this point on, UNLESS Classixz agrees to compromise. If that is the case, then proceed to read point (7.).

2. There will be no more UU-K applications. The only way to become a member of UU-K is to be officially invited to it by myself or one of the other two leaders of UU-K - MyXa and BLOODY.

3. As for wars (clanwars, funwars and others), the leaders of UU-K will consult with the members and organise play schedules (who will play with who and when).

4. The current line-up of UU-K members is as follows:

Wildey475 [uS TESTER]
The One Patriot

I have decided to go with assigning iamindy33 and ViiRuS_iQuicKZ the tester roles, as I am positive that they are fit for the position. They were also already reserve members.

NOTICE: Any member of UU-K is permited to test players, AS LONG AS NONE OF THE TESTERS PER RESIDENCE ARE PRESENT.

Members with active bans on the ZAM servers will still remain as a part of UU-K, solely to play for UU-K. Having themselves unbanned and etc... from the ZAM servers is an issue not related to UU-K.

With that being said - notices, warnings, kicks, bans, etc... from the ZAM servers issued upon UU-K members will not influence their UU-K status. The only way to be removed from UU-K is to get kicked by one of the three leaders or to resign.

5. The testing will work as follows:

2 rounds of FFA on Nuketown. The score limit is 30 kills. The time limit is infinite. No lethals and no tacticals (generally, no throwables). The tester will host the 1st round, and then the player being tested will host the 2nd round.

There is no specific ammount of kills for you to reach to consider yourself worthy of being a part of UU-K. The testers will judge this for themselves.

If a solid host cannot be set up, then the players will either have a third party be the host or will just look for a server that the player being tested can be tested on.

6. Just like with the UU-S members, UU-K members will be permitted to wear the official UU clan logo on avatars and such, as they will generally be representing UU. If and when we get an official UU-K clan logo, we will use that, along with the UU one.

7. The compromise for the UU-K class loadout on ZAM is as follows:

Our starting weapons remain the same. We don't lose or gain anything, other than perks, starting points AND OUR MELEE KNIFE (it resets to the default one). We lose all of our perks and starting points. Every perk in the shop becomes 300 PTS more expensive. The melee Bowie Knife in Raven becomes 1000 PTS more expensive. Adapt and Nighthawk get a longer cooldown time. Forcefield becomes 1500 PTS more expensive. We get the following killstreaks:

10 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = UAV;
20 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Counter-UAV;
30 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = SR-71 (Blackbird);
40 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Dogs;
50 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Adapt for +30 seconds;
60 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Nighthawk for +45 seconds;
70 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Dogs;
80 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Napalm Strike;
90 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Ballistic Sickle Knife in a new weapon slot;
100 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = Ballistic Bowie Knife in a new weapon slot;
110 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = +3000 PTS;
120 knife kills (including Tomahawks) = God Mode for 60 seconds (full God Mode, not Forcefield).

We will not directly spawn with this, but we will get it by pressing '7', '8', '9' or another key (so that members who are also a part of UU-S can use both of the setups).

We will also get the little knife icon when using this class loadout.


9. This is the up-to-date thread all about UU-K. Everything else, including the following ones, is no longer valid:


10. Any other questions? Anything need resolving? Any additional or other suggestions? Is anything missing? POST IT HERE!

BOKCR - A project under development. More information coming soon.

Thank you for reading.

- Ramsy

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The only thing i dont like is making it harder for knifers. Knifing takes more skill than camping already why make it harder? Shouldnt knifers be rewarded for not camping? I'd rather knife with a normal raven class than with the uu-k loadout you just posted. Get speedo and bowie and you're good.


Why would I want the UU-K class if everything is more expensive? It's like going to Store A to get milk which is 2$ instead of going to the Store B to get the same milk for 1$. So UU-K members would first have to kill 5 zombies to even get speedo and then knife with a normal knife when the zombies will probably have HP already. nonono. IMO just give UU-K members a bowie at start, its not too much and it makes them want to knife.


Otherwise, I like it getting more professional.

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As an outsider to UU-K, (which means I acknowledge that my opinion doesn't matter) I always thought giving the UU-K members better load-outs was counterproductive. I mean if they're already good with the standard mvp/vip load-out, wouldn't giving them a better knife/gun soften their edges a bit?

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Hey guys, sorry to say but I'm resigning from

UU-K was a pleasure guys!


But you could be in both

I am sure Grey read what Ramsy wrote, so he know that he could be in both.

It's his discussion and if he want leave UU-K he should do.

Grey I wish you good luck in UU-S!;-)

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This loadout is just fine, it ensures challenge which i like, and will also show true UU-K knifers, and that they're not here just for the sakes of using the loadout. I can assure you that if this loadout does get implemented, I'll be using it as often as i can.

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I am sure Grey read what Ramsy wrote, so he know that he could be in both.

It's his discussion and if he want leave UU-K he should do.

Grey I wish you good luck in UU-S!;-)

I was sure about this and aggre with you..I just tought about it..He is good with knife and with sniper too.
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You want meh on ze team? <3 Im flattered. ;3


I still remember  when I first met you, I applied for UU-K and you was the current EU tester, so we went for 1v1.

I led with 27-23 (BriZe hosted), when suddenly connection interrupted. I waited like 5 minutes, so I decided to leave the game.

I was very happy, that I passed the 27 kills and supposed BriZe will tell it the current leader (Braby). No... Brize said that I didn't knifed, he said I would have shot him with my gun all the time. I was a nobody and everybody belived him, so I got rejected. I said like 100 times that he lies and that I knifed only.... they all thought I would lie and be very immature that I can't admit that I shot him (27 kills).

So I never knew what your problem was with me, but I guess you was scared to lose so high and that I get in UU-K.

Luckily Ramsy tested me after that story too and wanted me to tell him the truth so I said the same I already said to everyone (Passed the test), but that doesn't have something to do with BriZe. I was searching for a proof that you lie, but you deleted me as a friend on steam. Also you wanted that I never have a chance again to apply for UU-K ever again.

Here are some screenshots I took, while BriZe was testing me.










So after all these things you did, I don't support that you get UU-K ever again, I hope Myxa and Ramsy you consider my discussion.

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