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Hello, most of you may know me or have played with me previously in game but I just wanted to formally introduce myself on the forums. I am definetly a gamer. I also love to code software and games. I dabble in the COD code and at times make some pretty cool stuff. I still do school and work as my daily routine and I try my best to learn something new everyday. I would one day be appart of ZAM and its members alike and I would like to graduate college in my major of computer science. I am a pretty nice guy if you ever meet me. I don't get angry much but when I do it only lasts for a short period of time and I usually end up saying sorry. I am addicted to ZAM already. I was told I might have to take a class just to get rid of the addiction. And lastly I just want to say thank you to classixz for this awesome mod and that I hope you guys eventually accept me into this community for who I am. Thank you. 

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