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First of all i hope there isn't already such a topic existing on the forum.


So i start this stopic to give the community the possibility to present their graphics (profile images, cover pictures, ...)


Mainly it exists to post graphic arts. Questions about 'How to' and demands regarding 'creating graphic stuff' should be clarified via Steam or PM. If there are more people interested in a question, use the shoutbox or create a new topic if necessary .


The sense is to give a clear overview of all GFX things.



So here i start. I created some stuff (yet only profile images) for UU (-S / -K).

Here is now a clear overview of all the graphics i've done so far (final versions), because of several changes regarding background, fonts, quality, details, ...


UU - S Members Avatars


Alpha: wk3dr7oy.png

Borsch: khnjxvel.png

Delicious: 4uyx2eai.png

Destroyer: 4yc6chzj.png

Dismay: c4uedhyu.png

Elmo: b47x5597.png

EmMi: ql6m4tth.png


enRage: bzlbr4g5.png

General: 52ckeaga.png

GreyhounD: imiavwy3.png

Grizz: ffghv8bz.png

horkylebosky: nepeq7hh.png

Hunting: 4u2wijy7.png

iamindy33: vtspvkso.png


Liike: av2f86x2.png


Lola: sdvnodng.png


MakeYouSayWTF: ky25rlgs.png


mudda_fragger: fwxoeh89.png


Olym: xajfgj4y.png

Powerfool: gjmutild.png

Rainzz: irhy972k.png


Redbananaz: 27m9lgue.png


Rhinoceros: ugtldkn6.png


Sprattyyyy: ecwfe2fa.png

Tolga: mv3uc7p3.png

Tommy: dgrqxxlq.png


WeyZ: uephy27q.png


UU Steam Avatar




UU - S Steam Avatar



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A Background which i decided to make for bloody when i was bored




Quick art for indy when i was bored in my spare time. Not much to it really, just a simple pic.




Again, random avatars when im bored.


EDIT: i just realized that the one above is the one that i failed with, can't find my original one. But apart from that I'll keep adding as i find more of my old ones or make new ones.




A 3D work on Dewsty's name. I made more, but this is just an example of how i do them.

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So new UU-S member enRage asked me if i could do a 'special avatar' for him.

He wanted me to form the UU logo out of a weed leaf :D


So i worked about 1h on the new avatar.


I prefer the original (blue background).










All of them are pretty sick, i prefer the first one, blue background, makes it looks lush. Gj as always

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