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Shit that happens in Aus ( reference to indys new tube vid)


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Hello, I'm from Aus , we have many rising problems with racism in Australia it's really becoming a problem.

Before my holidays at my school we had some problems with racism, I'm a collage prefect (we are the teacher students) my role is to stop shit like this from becomig a issue. Everyone hates year sevens, a massive group of them are real fans of johnah from Tonga , this is great but they' re started acting like acually dicks to everyone, this makes the problem of fights between others students. This one guy who just happens to be Tongan (much like 50% of the school BECUASE we have another school in Tonga) this guy thought they were being racist like all arrogant twelves that are always thinking their great and nothing can hurt them well , this Tongan guy is pissed cuase they calling him fat and gay , this kinda pisses me off too cause I'm the prefect on duty so I gotta stop this so I walk on over their and this one kid from the group said "oh this fat boat person is harassing us can you like tell him to go back to his contry" and immediately I think , OH SHIT. This gona get real fucking quick so I do the usual shit like " dude that's so racist he's from Tonga not fucking Africa and immediately the kids just like " oh I don't care where he's from just get him outta my country and its kinda funny cause he's White and I say " mate your white not aboriginal now I think you should fuck off before this becomes a issue" kid said " fuck off he's harrassing us now I want you to deal with it" I just say " well I don't give 2 shits unless you apologise about being racist to him and stop being such a fucking idiot" he naturally with his dumbass brain thinks , I want to fight cuase I'm a fucking twelve so he pushes me and I just stand there like WTF?!?! Then I seriously wanted to pull his balls over his head but I just pushed him back and walked him a tad bit forcefully over to his locker area and gave him to his head of house and BOOOM BITCHES DIDENT EVEN HAD TO PUNCH HIM

this is now fucking annoying and the best way to deal with racist cunts

SOZ FOR THE LENTH BUT THIS IS A SERIOUS STORY please don't be racist it's easy to loose control

We are equal don't be racist

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