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Clan War : UU-S 2 - 1 frozen


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Hello guys, after a long time without doing any clan war, we are finally back with a victory against one of the best sniping clans in CoD, frozen.



As a summary of cw, we lost on Nuketown 4-3 in first game, in second game we won 4-1, so we won Nuketown map by average. On Summit, we won both games. After we guarenteed to win cw, we lost both games at last map Firing Range unfortunately.



With this victory, we maintained our position. Thanks to Lola and enRage for their participation.



My Personal Comment : I'm finally happy that there are guys in UU-S that back me up when I do bad. Unfortunately, I'm not a robot, can't carry all games. Today, I had a bad day but my friends did a good job. They are the ones who deserve credits.



UU-S Team


- Destroyer (Turkey)

- enRage (Germany)

- Lola (Austria)





frozen Team


- Conflict (Netherlands)

- Dean (Slovenia)

- Rabbit (Netherlands)






Nuketown : First game - Second game


Summit : First game - Second game

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