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Moderator Application

AIR I Echo

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In-Game Name: [AIR] Echo

Steam ID, XUID:110000101fad9f2

Why do you want to become a moderator on our server(s)?: To keep the server clean from rule breaking, such as blocking, glitching, hacking, etc.

Do you have any previous experience as admin/moderator?:Yes, but not in Black Ops.

Do you have a mic?:Yes.

Where are you from?:CA (California)

How old are you?: (please post your full birth) I am currently 14. 11/8/1998

What server do you want to become moderator for?: US or EU?: US

If you become a moderator, In what way will you help our servers?: I like to play for fun, with other people, but If i became a Moderator on the server, I would help the server to keep it clean. I have a Youtube Channel on banning players, but the bans are on the FroZen servers, i havn't banned anyone on this server cause i've never ecountered someone rule breaking (yet), but I would continue to ban players if necessary on your servers (Also, my youtube uploads on videos take quite long, so being able to kick or possibly ban players, would save me a whole lot of time).

Thanks For your time.

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Thank you everyone for saying yes (even though its not your guys decision xD ), but Kex666, i have't seen you on before too :P but is that your steam name KEX666? i'm not usually on on weekends cause my brother wants to play on my computer, but i can play for an hour or two. But i'm positive that i'm on Mon-Fri, and thanks for the yeses and for responding KEX666.

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