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Moderator application zombie eu


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My name is FabianDOOM

i would like 2 apply for moderator


well i will be very active in this mod becouse i really like it and while i like 2 play it i would like 2 help you guys out by watching the players behavior and ofcourse have fun and communicate with them

im 19 years old

have mic

i've been admin on css minigame server, admin on TTT(Gmod server)

and usualy play 4-10 hours a week.


i got referred by Frupiss


and i wil see you guys in Eu ZAM


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1) We got a specific section for applications, on the right side of the top you will find "JOIN US", click there and you will find the possiblility      to apply for Moderator (also UU Member, UU-S Member, UU-K Member).

2) Your first post in this community shouldn't be an Application, it will probably be rejected.

[  3) Not sure about but EU server have much staffs now and don't think we need much more in the next weeks  ]


Use that form everybody else use too (JOIN US).

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