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Community challenges?


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Okay, so I originally came up with some sort of idea with griggzor to do a liter of milk challenge and add a stop watch to see who does it faster. So as you know I do have a YouTube channel and I want to start doing some stupid crazy shit just for UU. I figure if you guys could give me ideas to do with some of my friends we could go on Skype and record us or something. Also I want to challenge some of you guys to do stupid challenges and upload them here. Let me know with some ideas because I'm stupid enough to try anything except eating spicy ass peppers. I will drink weird shit or whatever. Let me know.

I know this is kind of random but I feel like I could get advice from you and maybe grow some different subs to my channel to promote UU even more. I also already have a challenge I would like to do, here's what I would do: I will list about 20 things in my fridge and start a poll. If I get a certain amount of ups on this post I will mix 5-10/20 together and do a drinking challenge. I'm not sure if you guys are all okay with this, and if not let me know. But I think this could bring a lot of humor to this post and we could all challenge our friends around the community to do crazy shit and upload it. Please let me know what you think and start liking for the drink challenge. Have a good one guys!

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