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"Macro's" And advertising.


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Okay, so i've been having this idea lately to add a thing where you can choose to bind certain keys for example the letter "o" to a shop thing.. So let's say i bind "o" to cading the p-cade, you won't have to press 3 numbers.

And for the advertising part, i was thinking about a referring system thing. You'll get your own link, and if you sent it to friends you'll get coins, which you can use in a forum shop for forum items like custom titles or in-game items like starting with speedo? Not sure on that though.
For example you'd get 1 coin if he clicks the link, and registers on the forums. He will get 5 coins if he joins 10 times, he will get 25 coins if he is an active player (100 posts and 100 times joined on server). And then you'll be able to use those coins on, cosmetics or things in game
for example:

Start with speedo for 2 days: 150 coins
Get an intervention for a week: 1000 coins. 

or something like that.

anyway thx for reading and


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It isn't that hard to press the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 on both the zombie shop and the human shop.

As for the advertising part, I'm not really sure what to say (I'll let others speak about that idea as they do not wish to read what I have to say). I'll just leave it at that since I ain't completely sure about this idea. Do you really love the intervention and speedo that much that you just want them for free?

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Yes, thats what i brought up the macro's: For people with a high ping. I for example have 150 ping on US, but 20 on EU, On eu i can stack easly without macro's but US on the other hand.. I have to pres 4 like 20 times before it brings up the cade menu >.<

And viirus, those are just some idea's because that's the thing most people like i guess.
And nice idea dewsty <:

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