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New skin for the website?



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  1. 1. New Skin for the website?

    • Yeah sure, why not?
    • Keep this one, no need to spend any time in a new skin.

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I've added some new stuff to the website, you can login with your Steam account and have your status on Steam show on the website and some other stuff.


Should we have a new skin for the website? I will most likely keep this one as it works really good and looks great in my opinion. 

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As the poll said "Yeah sure why not". Well I don't see why not. This skin is nice and does work very nicely. But some people may be getting tired of it after all. Why not try a new skin it won't hurt anything or anyone, it least we hope no one will die from it. Anyways even if it didn't work out you could always switch back too this one :p

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I have a different skin for the website, I don't know why but after seeing people's gaming setups and seeing the website on their computers, mines different.

Probably because you changed your 'style' in the top-right corner with that brush icon, I have done so myself.

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