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The Flash Class

The One Patriot

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Yesterday at 1:30 am right when I was about to sleep, this Idea came to my head. I am thinking of a class called Flash! 


Flash is a Flashy class!


4-5-1: Flash speed: changes your speed 240 for 20 seconds, and for the first 3 seconds YOU adapt. The amount of points: 1200? or 1350?.


4-5-2: Over Speed: The normal speed that we have currently is 190. The "Over Speed" changes your speed from 190 to 200 for the whole game until you die. The amount of points: 400. or 450?


4-5-3: The class is Flash. So we add a flash-bang. I will briefly explain the Flash Bang because it sounds OP but it is not. Flash bang (if possible) will be like a mine, and not like a grenade. By that I mean that every time you MAX your ammo, you do NOT receive a flash bang. SO every time you buy a flash bang: it will cost you 150 points. YOU WILL ONLY receive ONE flash bang every time you buy it. 


A whole different situation if that is not possible. By that I mean if you receive a flash bang every time you MAX your ammo. IF you receive a flash every time you max your ammo, then the first time you buy flash: 600. Therefore, every time you max your ammo, you will receive ONLY 1 flash.


4-5-4: This will be the FLASH weapon. By that I mean a weapon that shoots very rapidly and fast. Depending on how good the weapon is, I will decide how much it should cost. (I would like everyone to post weapons, that we are able to add, and are flash).


I would like to talk about this topic briefly, that is the reason I separated from:



I would like all everyone to say what they think of the flash class. Post your weapon ideas for 4-5-4. 


An alternative idea for 4-5-4: If not a flashy weapon, then the flash clothes! (If that is even possible) I thought of that because classixz have the black ops two clothing and thought it was maybe possible. If possible: This does not affect you, however does it make you look kool. Costs you: 300 points.







My YouTube channel commin soon nabz. Me collecting few videos.

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