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Hi! :) Today, I'm going to write my introduction..Uhm what to say.. So.. My name is Viktor and I live in Miskolc in Hungary. I'm 14 years old and I'm in class 8. Next year I'm going to a secondary school.

I'm in a big family. When I was six years old we live with my grandma. Then I started school. Now, we live in our house. We are not really rich, but not poor. I have a lots of frinds from my school, from other schools and etc..I won the "best student'' prize in this year for my sport and learn results. When I was a lill cute boi I started playing ice hockey, but I finished it for no reason..sure i don't know why..Now I'm playing in the school football and basketball team. I tried judo but nahh 1 year was enough..I prefer going to gym nowadays. I don't have hobbies, just I like to hangout with my friends or playing football with them.I'm playing FPS games for 7 years. Playing Blops for 2-3 years and playing ZAM for 1,5 year!:)

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