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The UU-K Loadout Crisis


The UU-K Loadout Crisis  

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I have heard your outcries. I have felt your pain in the form of text. I EMPATHISE WITH YOUR REQUEST FOR A CLAN WORTH REPRESENTING! UU-K needs something special, something unique. I was thinking (have you ever done that?) what mighty weapon could re-ignite the passion of sinking your knife into a zombies heart. YOU GUYS DESERVE BETTER, AND I HAVE THE SOLUTION!


Without further hype, I present the most legendary weapon: The Stick! (250 damage)


I know what you are thinking (you can't), don't worry, the stick will have the same animation as the default knife. The swag emanating from the stick will make UU-K the greatest knifing clan to ever play ZAM!


I have given YOU the power to support or condemn this idea. 


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