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It's been quite a while since I last made spots and created a topic. I felt too lazy to bump the "Suggestions for new maps" topic since no one really bumps it besides me.

On to the good stuff. Let's talk about Jungle for a while. Jungle sucks and practically everyone hates it. Whoever made it, made okay-great spots, but I feel like it needs more to it to make it better. What I mean by more, is more spots obviously. Anyways, good luck reading all of this and viewing my spots and what not.

Spot #1: It's exactly at that B4 spot.




Here is what the front side looks like. I don't even think no one ever thought of changing up that spot, or even change it's positioning. So I guess I'm the very first. Correct me if I'm wrong.



The back side is still the same. We can either keep the current back side or we could implement mine. It doesn't really matter at all.



This is the side which used to be the front whenever people made this spot.

Spot #2: It's a spot we used to have but took out. It's the small bridge, right around the middle of B4 and C4. It's really hard to find the position, but you guys will figure out what I mean with these screenshots.




This is what the whole spot looks like. The front side is a P.Cade or a Double Stack and the back side is a single stack or a double stack whichever you guys prefer. Not much needed to be said about this spot.

Spot #3: It used to be that OP spot right in the middle of D3 and D4. I really want to return this spot, but make it different not like last time where it was really OP.



This is what the spot looks like from the outside.


This is what the spot looks like from the inside.

Spot #4: This is the final spot. This spot is near D3, but at the corner of the map. This spot used to be in the mod, but got taken out for some apparent reason? Maybe it was some-what OP or maybe the spot was lame. Not sure at all why?



This is what the spot looks like from the outside.




I'm not really sure if Classixz accepts codes or not, but if he does here you go:


I'm not really sure if the codes are accurate or not. This is my first time using it.

Anyways, there goes an hour of my life. -.-

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Well, since I got bored and had nothing really good to do, I thought of making spots for the mod.I made these spots and tested them the best I can. After seeing how many people viewed this topic I suspected that maybe you guys might of liked them. The reason why I say "might" is because I didn't really get any comments or any messages at all. Let's get to the good part. As we all know Jungle is an okay map, but we could put more into it like I always say. I hope that you guys enjoy it and I hope that people will start commenting on this topic. Plz?

Let's start off with Jungle.

Spot #1: This spot is located at C3. It's small and could be acceptable. This spot could be good for the big version of Jungle, but I'd prefer for it to be in the small version of Jungle so that way it wouldn't get in the way of those who are running.





There's the front view, the side view, the top view, and the whole spot itself. It seems self explanatory.

Spot #2: This spot is located at C4. The rock. You guys might get suspicious of why I'm bringing this spot back because of how OP it kind of was back then. So I decided to change it up a bit and see what you guys think about it.




So, as you can see I changed up the spot a little bit. I kept the back open because I wasn't really sure if that spot should be 2 sided or 1 sided. That's what I want you guys to think about. But the spot could be good for trickshoting if you know what I mean?


Let's end it with Havana.

Spot #1: It's at that C2 area. We currently have a bunker at C2 but haven't seen people camp there. I tried it a few things but it was hard when it came to cading so I decided to make tweak the spot up a bit to see if people would enjoy it.






There you can see the outside view, and the inside view of the spot. As you can notice on the back side I left a little crack so that the zombies can be able to limb the survivors. I just wanted to make the spot look easier for both the survivors and zombies.

Spot #2: You'll figure out where this spot is. It's really hard to specify its location since I guess it's kind of in the middle of D2, D4, and C3. Let's just say that.




There you can see the outside view, and the inside view of the spot. I feel like that this spot could be more appropriate for the small version of Havana than the big version because of runners. The good thing is that I'm writing a description for each spot so no one doesn't have to comment saying it.

Spot #3: This spot is near E2. Whenever I play Havana I don't really see people camp at that E2 area anymore. They just camp some where else because they think that E2 area sucks real bad, but it doesn't. It could just use a few tweaks, or be removed whatever is acceptable.





I personally think that this spot is better than that E3 spot (the building to the right of this spot). Maybe if this is implemented into the mod maybe people might reconsider camping at that E2 and E3 area once again.

Here are the codes for Havana only. I think that you guys can recreate Jungle quickly looking at those screenshots.


Now I have a full understanding of how these codes work. Anyways, there you go and as always I hope you guys enjoy looking through this comment.

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