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Weekly Tournaments


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Hello ZAM fam,


I'd like to get the ball rolling on setting up weekly "Bragging Rights" tourny's. These wouldn't be for steam prizes, rather just bragging rights for the week. Maybe weekly winners could be displayed in some form on the site (totally up to classixz).


I'd like to read your thoughts on what type of tournaments you'd enjoy the most. Here are some examples of past tournaments, and feel free to post some suggestions for different events.


Knife Tourny - Just what it sounds like. No camping/guns allowed, just blades.


Intense Camping - Any room with three or more spots. No DeathCall allowed.


Run & Gun - No camping, and must keep moving at all times.


Follow the Leader - This would require the entire server to participate, which would probably be hard to accomplish, but I'm told this is a pretty fun game to play as well.


Forts - Build a base from scratch. 3 sides of your fort must be cades.


This is still in the early planning phase, so I'd like to hear your ideas. We can setup specific times during the weekends for EU & US so it's convenient for everyone, and have a weekly winner on both servers. I think this could be a fun addition for the community, and something others in the past have suggested. I would still hold semi-regular steam-prize tourneys, but they would be separate from this.




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I like this idea kevin. Weekly tournaments sound like a lot of fun. I also agree with indy: No same winner two times in a row. The winner can participate but he will not get the reward if he wins the second time. I also like the sound of voting for tournaments and thinking which ones we should do. It does not always have to be a vote, but we can try it every once in a while.


We can also try something like this: People who want to participate in the tournament, separate them into 2 teams and we can do a knifing/sniping/gunning challenge. The team that wins now will be now separated into two different teams and so on until there are only 2 players left. The player that wins the match will be the winner of the tournament. This is not a one person effort, but a team effort. If your team does not help you win, then they lose with you. I highly recommend we try those kind of tournaments every once in a while.


If this is not clear enough i will explain to you guys with more info, let me know thanks. 

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