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Good luck Classixz!


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Well, this is a very sad time of the year since we found out the Classixz will be no longer updating ZAM and he is resigning from UU. We all know ZAM will never be the same without Classixz however it's his decision and it's seriously upto him since he's put so much time, effort and money into making the mod and server a better place for people to play and be around. Sorry for starting off negitavley, I'll share some of my memories and how I found the Mod... Since this could be my last chance if the server doesn't get donations.

Okay, the day ZEM shutdown when it was hosted by FroZen I found out that there was a similar Mod just like it called ZAM. I knew this because my 3 very good friends Ramsy, Mudda and Vector played it at the time. I'm sure it was Ramsy who first told me so I thought I'd give it a try. I joined the server and made lots of new friends, then I soon joined the website.

I saw that there was a sub division called UUK and I was one of the first people to join. I then became good friends with MyXa since then now we still are. I then met Dusty and we also became good, distant friends... Stupid faggot. Jk buddy.

I became quite active on the forums and made even more great friends which I know I'll speak and keep in contact with forever. Love you guys, if the Mod does ever stop running I'll be sure to message you guys.

Now to my biggest, best memories and achievements from the past years... My best memory would have to be when I was camping on Villa with Indy. We were on the spirt where the stairs are and Indy was trying for like 10 minutes to jump on a cade which kept falling over and over again... I laughed quite abit. My biggest achievement would have to be joining UUK. It was the best decision I ever made. Haha, after all my fallings out with MyXa I'm surprised he even kept me in UUK. It just shows how much of a great guy MyXa is.

However I have another big achievement, when Classixz announced he was opening a Knife Server. Classixz trusted me and gave me Senior Admin as soon as the server opened. I miss all the great times on there too... With MyXa, Braby, Ramsy, Bloody, Viirus, Mudda, Dusty, Those Russian guys, Vector, Mexico and many more great people.

I'm really going to miss you Classixz bro... ZAM will never be the same without you. As Indy said in his YouTube video, he cannot ask you to stay because you have done so much for everyone. At one point if everyones gaming experience you have helped them and touched their heart. You touched my heart when you gave me Staff on The Knife Only Server, it was one of the best days of my life. I got the butterfly feeling in my stomach when he messaged me on Steam saying he gave me it. I was hyped and buzzing hahaha.

Best Wishes Classixz!

Good Luck bro.

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