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Moving Forward


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First off, this isn't a leaving Zam post. Sorry about the questionable title. So I have been wanting to write this thread for a long time. But before I did, I needed to talk to the people who I had hurt the worst. Over the past two days I have had very good conversations with Viirus and Ramsy about the way I acted in the past towards the UU community and especially Classixz, Ramsy, Destroyer and Iamindy33. In my talk with Viirus I talked to him about why him and I dont talk much anymore and our friendship had drained. He explained to me what he had heard from people and how it made him loose respect for me to the point where he blocked me on several places. The thing is, he had every right to do so because the things he was told were true. I dont feel the need to mention them specifically because those who it maters to should already know. He brought up some strong points. Now the thing Ramsy and Viirus conversations had in common was my same excuse. I always said how im sorry I am and said I will fix it but I never did things to fix it. Ramsy and I talked about countless things and he really helped me realize what is necessary to move forward.


These are things I need to say:


To Classixz: You trusted me way back when with the powers of Echelon admin. I stll remember how happy I was to stop having to make more and more reports. The only thing you probably remember me for is screwing you over. And I am sorry about that but like Ramsy and I talked about, I could go on and on about how sorry I am but in all honesty that wont change what I have done in the past.


To Destroyer: I also screwed you over. You trusted me enough with your last spot in UU-S for the United States. I took over Jackmonkeybombs spot and then I go and pull a dumbass move and leave UU-S because I wasn't having fun sniping? It was a weak excuse and I should have been completly upfront with you and told you I wasn't enjoying UU-S and we could have had a convesation and talked about it.


To Ramsy: We have already gone over a lot in our chat in teamspeak, but you I will work to follow what you think I should do and I hope we can grow closer as time goes on.


To Iamindy33 and Griggzor: I know I never did anything specifically to you two, I know you guys have taken over Zam as Classixz has decided to retire. I just want to apologize because you guys know what I did and now you are forced with a tough descion any time I do something for UU as a cummunity.


Now the main reason I made this post was to get feed back from you guys on the good things I do and the bad things I do. I am not worried about if your my bestfriend or my least bestfriend. If you have thing(which I garentee you there are) that I could do to improve my status under UU as a community please let me know. I am prepared for a shit ton of critisism but I have tough skin and I will use any and all comments to improve my style or playing. I know some of you weren't around when some of this happened but its not just the old players that control your the way the community thinks. Its every and all players in the community that helps with the way people see you.


Thank you for all of you that have read the whole thing as it was a long post. I am completly open to everthing you guys post. I want to move forward from all the cowardice I showed in the past. Please let me know what I can do.   

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Your actions define you, whether IRL or blops. Let your actions speak louder than your words, and you can redefine people's opinion of you. Let the little things you do every day speak for themselves. I don't think a post or a message is going to change anybodies opinion, but it's a good way to let everyone know that you're trying a new path that will hopefully change people's perception of you. With all the changes happening recently we need to come together as a community to keep it strong, not harp on the differences we may have. 


Good luck to you Mudda.

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Well I'll start the motion (Actually kevin started it but he did a terrible part at leaving blanks for people to fill in, fucking responsible people not wanting to start fights).

Mudder, your personality, whether it be the same in real life I care not, because here, you're not respected(by me I can't say the same for everyone else). Seriously, cut the previous admin shit, it's obviously not working, and it gets more annoying the more I hear it. This thick skin bullshit I read was stupid, the previous posts I've heard were all envious. All I see right now is you becoming red faced because everyone is getting what you want. This is so awkward for me to write, I feel like I've gone over everything that you've done wrong and I can't say anything new because you haven't changed, so with pre-caution and unawareness of previous spoken words of mine, you seem arrogant and power hungry. You appear to love it when people come to you, the centre of attention if you will. And you hate not being on the pedestal. This is why you make posts like this, they're redundant as you're not going to change, sure you can say you can change and maybe you'll have a different personality, but after people are done with this stupid attitude and you're not on top again you'll repeat this process. Also to do with your tournament, money can't buy you friends.

As of this moment, you're not fucking anything up, the only thing that is happening is you're worsening your relationships with people, my advice, balls up and shut the fuck up, keep to your own business, don't widdle your way into the crowd, wait for an opening and walk in. This goes for community events and helping your relationships with other people.

I'm out, I'm tired, this screen is giving me headaches.

P. S. You live in a country where English is your first language.

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Ok mudder, since you asked for recommendation or whatever, I will say something. Well you do some of the actions that are stupid. I will give you examples of the other day. First you start arguing about rules for half n hour and labalalaba. THEN YOU BREAK a rule. Ok So i tell you, then you say "I WAS JOKING" wtf. You cant say i am joking after arguing for half hour mudder. It was obvious that you made the whole thing look like a joke because it went down on ur side. So all i gotta say mudder you gotta fix that.  ok? alright hope this helps...

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