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It's me lupus

I'm sorry. About what? Myself. I don't like that I pissed eveyone off. I feel like I need to change .

After finding out about classixz moving on from zam I believe it to be a .... Not to mean any offence but a new start . I think that if you guys could just forgive me for my annoying posts and comments I will be changing, I already have started . I promise to be a proper member of this forum and post relive to things to zam. I promise to change myself


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@I LOVE INDY We started out as best friends in the past. Back then you seemed cool and alright. But when you made your account on the website I wasn't really sure if you would fit in with the community. At first you did, but then you started making these worthless (really annoying) topics and comments. This led to the -1's people gave you and here you are today at -148 reputation.

I remember before you were leaving we (you and I) were talking on Steam because you really wanted to be friends with me again, I guess. I remember you asking me if you should make another account on the website and start off fresh. You did make another account, but it wasn't working out that great. But I guess you're back for now. Good luck with a fresh new start.

Still waiting for Elmo's comment :)

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