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Better than Indys :D


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mudda_fragger: aren't you of the female species that I haven't mastered yet?
lilypad: sure?
lilypad: want to go chat?
mudda_fragger: Like...
mudda_fragger: You know......
lilypad: wut?
mudda_fragger: chat ...chat?
lilypad: join
lilypad: how old r u
lilypad: i heard ur last voice like ur like 14 or 15
lilypad: hey?
mudda_fragger: <3
mudda_fragger: Can we get married
lilypad: do u like me?
mudda_fragger: yes pls
mudda_fragger: ♥
lilypad: why not ask date first
mudda_fragger: wanna date?
lilypad: why not efort xD
mudda_fragger: I dont know if im ready for anything to serious......I still need time to volenteer at the dog shelter......and the old persons home.....and dont mention my HUGE.......collection of pokemon cards.....
lilypad: xD
lilypad: can i see ur fface
lilypad: can can u say hi :P
mudda_fragger: Thats the only thing you want to see...
lilypad: Hi lily
lilypad: Hi lily
lilypad: say dat
lilypad: say itttt
lilypad: say it
lilypad: uhuh :P
lilypad: Tell me
lilypad: how old are you
lilypad: im 18 :P
mudda_fragger: Im sorry....my mommy doesnt let me date older women.....this isn't g
lilypad: I'm jk
lilypad: im only 17
mudda_fragger: Still older than me
Call from lilypad started.
lilypad: xD
mudda_fragger: Im sorry........momma says no
Call with lilypad ended.
lilypad: So tell me how do i look like?
mudda_fragger: I dont like girls......
mudda_fragger: Im more into griggzors...
lilypad: Why not
mudda_fragger: Well.....I mean....who doesn't like a girggzors.....and the rareBluebirds too
mudda_fragger: They turn me on....like the hose when I water my flower garden
lilypad: Uhuh
mudda_fragger: Can you copy and paste our whole convo and send it to me in this chat?
lilypad: why
mudda_fragger: just do it pls
lilypad: why?
lilypad: Give me 1 good reason and i'll do it
mudda_fragger: Cause....I need to show my mom how nice you are :D
lilypad: And
lilypad: U gonna date me?
mudda_fragger: Yus
lilypad: Nah
mudda_fragger: If mommy approves <3
mudda_fragger: PLSSSSS
mudda_fragger: I'll make you brownies
lilypad: u mama better talk
lilypad: U better date me
A little conversation on how to break a girls heart <3
I took some notes from Indys topic and thought I might try it out. I'd like to thank Iamindy33 for all the work on how to interpret the female species....


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Ow this guy, ye it isn't a girl btw, i know this guy from lile.... 2 years ago, little trolling piece of shit. It's a guy from philipines or whatever

you got that rigth, all i see him do is break rules on the knife server.. come and tomahawk and c4 everyone without stopping.. gave him warnings but he dosent give a F lol all he does is piss peeps off :/

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