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UU ZAM stats

The One Patriot

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After US stats were lost, @Classixz decided to make both US stats same as EU stats. Well this is mainly for people who are active on US. I have talked to people, I have asked them about how they like Eu stats, and they dont like it. We want New Stats for US. Main reason I want this to happen is because it will result for players to be more active.


Every US player knows that he will never get the Most played, or Most kills, Or whatever because the EU players stats are too big already. Listen, players will be more active on US if we get new stats for US. Some would say "psh stats dont matter anyway", might not matter to you, but it does a lot to some players in ZAM. I strongly suggest that this happens soon, atleast with 1.8. Thanks for making this happen.



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