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Finally, my goodbye?


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This is a milestone, I think..As you all know I was very active player..My first join was about 1,5 years ago..And I joined to the website on 2014. April 22.. I taught I will be just a normal player. Then I started posting, help on others, and make friends..After a long time, I found the UU-K server. When I saw this I didn't really know what the K mean int the UU-K.I asked some people, they said this is the knifer part of the UU. I was so excited about it. I trained a lot, then joined. I get a lot of supports about it. MyXa gave me a chanche. I was so happy, but when the knife server has down, I lost my skill. I spammed a lot about the loadout too. I'm so sorry for this! After this I get a message from Ramsy about UU-K. I was very said, cause I get kicked. Then I saw there is a way to be a member of this community. When I joined first, I get rejected. I didn't really know what a member have to do. After these I started sniping. I trained a lot on ffa servers to be fast, then on S&D servers to improve my aim. I felt good. I joined to UU-S. Destroyer rejected me so fast. I didn't know why, without tryout. It was't disturbed me. After some months I sent a message to Classixz about my member applications. I wanted a new chane..He gave it! :)..I played a lot and helped on new people, reported rulebreakers. Then I saw some member leave the UU..When I saw this I know this community doesn't need new members, there will be some change, but nothing will be like the long time ago..


Finally..This is my story..

And this topic is about my goodbye.


I loved ZaM..But, I fell like I'm not as important as I wanted be..

I don't want to play nowadays on the server..It isn't fun for me.

I'm very inactive on the sever and on the site nowadays too.

I just wanted you guys to know, what I fell, what I think.


I'll be on the website, but I wont be so active.


Bye guys. We will meet sometimes:)


Yes my English is not the best.

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Everyone did something for this community, for ZAM, and for the players, I can admit that when I was playing ZAM I wasn't the most popular or well known players, and when I joined UU, a lot of people thought that i'm lying or something.


What i'm trying to say, I know how you are feeling, i'm not the best ZAM player out there, in fact, I didn't really play Black Ops 1 for a long time.


I never joined UU-K or UU-S, but I keep hearing good things about them, even that i'm inactive I still support them and hope them to be the best.


If you think some people didn't really like what you did, I can tell you that there are some people on this website or on the servers that really liked what you did and they are very happy from all the help and the attention you gave them :)


Finding people like you is difficult to find.


I'm proud you shared that information with us and I wish you the best in the future.


Thanks for reading this



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It's not about what you did or did not do. It's primarily about you - the user/player - having fun and enjoying your stay here. Staff is not something that's given out to people easily. Then again, even if you don't receive it, it's nothing to be troubled about. Same goes for actually being in the clan. Sure, you're not part of the clan itself, but you're here, having fun with your friends. Ain't that what really matters here? To put in perspective, as long as you enjoyed your stay here, I'm happy for you. Don't hassle yourself with not making it further. You were a good friend to many of us, that's the most important part here. You think I'd change how I treat my friends here if I lost my ranks? Ask BIGz, Bluebird, Kevin and Pat and see what they tell you.


The UU-K part was nothing but circumstancial at the time. And considering UU-K is currently deader than dead, you're not missing much anyway.


All in all, I hope you enjoyed your stay here the most possible, and have fun with whatever you continue doing from now on.


Just don't pull a KickArse and become a console peasant. >.>

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What ramsy saying is completly true, its all about having good friends and a good time, its not Woerth for someone to stay if hes not having fun.. Im happy to be a part of the clan, but im more happy then ever to be friends with these peoples

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