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Hey everyone. It's been a long time I have been thinking about a topic about DayZ UU. DayZ community has been growing rapidly, this is a great chance us to grow our community to something bigger and something greater. So basically people from DayZ would apply for UU and we will decide if they get accepted to UU or not.

Today I discussed this topic with Classixz and we believe it is a good idea. Of course not everyone can join by just applying. We will interview each player separately and decide if he/she is good enough to be in UU community. The interview question will not be the same from the interviews we had before. It will require DayZ experience, knowledge of guns, ammo, places, and more. This would absolutely no harm to our community, and instead it will grow it to something bigger. Maybe some day when we get enough UU dayZ members, we can finally own a dayz server. But for now  we will simply just recruit.


I will come up with Interview question soon, and check them with Classixz. We will most likely not be able to do this until the "join us" section is fixed, unless we find another way of applying. 

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very great idea patriot , it would be nice to have an dayz server but thats very expensive i dont know who  should rent it ? myself would apply as fast as i can for an dayz interview to become an uu dayz member lololol :D

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Still waiting for UU minecraft ;_; but seriously good luck to every members who will apply, Im personally friend with few of them and i thinks its a good idea you got there pat ^^


UU won't have a minecraft server (sadly, i would love one) reason being classixz dont have that much time, also it's really hard to get noticed in the MC world. I mean, UU tried before, quite a few times, but never succeeded.

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