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The girl inside Peacy


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Hello guys and people around this world

My Ingame Name is [MW]Peacy* (MW= My Wife because I love her ... I wish i had one... )
I am 14 Years Old(01.09.2000) (My Voice does'nt sound like a crying baby) I am not 100% Mature So dont think that I am always talking seriously

How I started with BO (since i played BO i played ZAM to): 1-2 Year(s) ago my best friend stoped playing PC (He started playing XBOX more) so he gave me my first Call Of Duty Game ever I had touched in my life (+ my english is not 100% to but I think its readable= Is this an english word? Pls tell me in the comments)
SOO ... I started BO installing every thing for BO... And there I went: CoD Basics: Zero. Playing Ranked Server? Fucked my brain (20 People on Nuketown and FFA <--- REALLY?? Grenades every where .-.)
When I were looking for other Server there was this fking smexy /UU/ ZombieAnnihilation Server ...
Blablabla... I didn't had the Idea to survive I just loved to Burn the Survivors with Hell Zombie hehehe
My favourite weapon was the Spas because I've never had more then 500 Points in a game
Blablabla... I am sick of writing on my iPhone... ok... stop writing shit.... OKoK

My Name is Peacy*(Simple explained so a dumbass Bloody<3 can understand this to) Peacekeeper <- The weapon in ZAM with to much ammo :) -> PeacekeeperFS - FS means Friedensstifter in english it means Peacekeeper (GENIIIIUS) later Peacy* because I liked and loved how this UU Braby played... His way how to play *-* So Peace first then the "y*" to Peacy and this gay clantag MW at the same time to.

My favourite camping mates where [GER]Hunting and [EGJ]BLOODY feeding., blocking and some kid basics :p

If you think why you wanna read this shit above this sentence and you are lucky that you read this:
Peacy from Austria, likes potatoes, speaks german blabla...

Ok maybe you are here now:

GTX Shark(Netherlands): I dont know what to say ... first we camped in Hanoi and became friends now we are Video Chatting and we know each other like brothers... I like you my best steam friend ... Sorry that I am not camping a lot with you... Indys Vids opened my eyes for running (You should watch this nab to)

Classixz: Sexy Suit, Sweden, Elias, kex <- Thats what I know about you (not pretty much :p) you are ok :D

Griggzor: Please... STOP INVITING ME TO CS GO Thank you. Better play ZAM Fagzor :D, like Classixz you are from Sweden your YT Channel is GriggzorGaming and that everything I know about you: you are a funny girl ;)

iamindy33: The worst, tryharder, Cade Limb nab in Nuke, I've ever saw in my life, of all admins you are really special :p, I enjoy your vids every day, Keep going make your vids so special (Commentary while eating O.o, Cat kicks your Cam while you are talking, Outtro with Jack where you are showing us your nice butt ^^ I like you Mr. President

USpatriot, The One Patriot better known as the crying baby:
Youuuuu are my favourite admin... This will never change, You were the best admin, You are the best admin and you will be the best admin, You are one big reason why I keep playing ZAM with Kids Camping Tryharder blablabla You are my admin :)

AghChew: I am sorry for calling you every time a faggot, you never let me knew that it was annoying so I didnt thought about stop calling you a fag :p You are ok :) AghCheeeeew

Faith: Nickname: Nab :p I like you... no I love you :D Idk what to say... You are someone I can talk about everything like Patriot, Keep going playing like a nab :)

MyXa: WyXa :D I dont know many things about you but you are alright :)

Some ppl I like(or love) but my fingers are fucked up writing this text: Bellucci, Bloody, Hunting, Plattfuss, ViirusiQuiickz(idk how to spell your name), Greyhound,

If your name is not here add me on steam if you wanna be friend and part of me and my life :p
Anyways you are special if your name is not here

I think that was my big, big, very big introduce, for any question comment this post or add me in steam
I will get a new Headset with mic soon so stop annoying Hunting :)
Zam is love, Zam is life <3 :>

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