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Game/Item give away!!


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Hello, Dear Community of ZAM


For those who have not heard of my recent permanent ban on Black ops, you are able to find it on the forum (search for: The most sad post you will ever read).

So i got the game again and you can find me as StartuneMLGPro in ZAM.

The attempt to get my mvp back failed. For me to get my mvp back is that i have to go get 15 dollars to pay it. This is easy and not as much fun as giving something to the community of ZAM. 

So i decided to start a giveaway.


The terms of joining this give away are the following requirements:

-A member of ZAM (of course)

-You have to pay 1$ or more (<-- Optional) to enter it (the more you donate the bigger the chance you win a game/Item


Contact me to enter (add me on steam: startuneMLGPro) once you payed you will be invited to the steam group and have the chance to win a game(Secret) or/and item (Cs:Go/TF2). (The Paypal Hotmail: [email protected] just send money to that email and you entered)

Possible items/games:

-Garry's mod

-Counter strike: Global offensive

-AK47 | Blue laminate

-P90 | Fallout Warning

-Festive Holy Mackerel

-Strange Market Gardener


When 15 people entered i will start the giveaway within 2 days, there will be multiple winners and I will announce them and give them their gift.

Thanks for reading and i hope you guys wanna enter, Thanks for the support and for those who do donate i thank you guys a lot! 


Greetings, Startune


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