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Firing range edited *New spots*


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Hello everyone, I've made new spots for Firing Range and i would like to see who loves it and who doesn't and i want KEXX to see this too! Please vote by saying YES OR NO in the reply

*NOTE* This took me 2 hours because i needed a tester ([AIR]Echo) Thank you buddy, you helped me test the spots biggrin.png and without you, i would've just give up! And i did a lot of trial and errors and finally got it!

Well here's the spots for Firing Range!


Tower, where you teleport to with the flag


Another view of the tower and zombies won't be able to go on edge and knife you!


Entrance way to the tower


Stairs to the other tower


Blocked the alternative ways to get to the building


New improved tower! You have to jump to the platform and survivors have to normal cade


This is what it looks like when your cading or inside the building, *NOTE* I put those cades on the side on the platform so when you get shot as zombie, u won't get knocked off.

AND that's all the spots I've made for Firing Range, i hope you guys love it and again please do a YES for wanting these spots and a NO if you don't like these spots or want these spots.


Anonymous(Me) Made the spots

[AIR]Echo(My tester) For helping test the spots

De/MindBlast~(Friend) For responding to the spots

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